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Reggae is the music of the people

Selection of reggae music books. Read about the history of Jamaican dancehall music and top reggae songs or get a reggae songbook with tabs for the bass or rythmn guitarist.

Bass Culture by Lloyd Bradley deals exclusively with the 1970s Roots era of Reggae. This British import is over five hundred pages dealing with the rise of roots rocker era of reggae from 1969 through to 1980 when dancehall began to dominate the reggae scene in Jamaica.

The birth of Jamaican Reggae music, the rise of sound systems, ska, rocksteady and roots reggae are all examined. Rastafari is woven throughout the story. Various music producers and their work, as well as the importance of Britain as a sales base for the reggae music, feature in this work. It also includes the rise of Trojan records.

If you are looking for a book on Jamaican reggae, reggae artists, the history of reggae or the reggae culture you are sure to find something in this selection.

Reggae Music is a music made by Rasta. It is the rhythm of the people and holds the heartbeat vibration.

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