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There is no Culture without Agriculture

Ital is Vital

The rastas save their own seed. Learn how to seed save and grow delicious nutritious local varieties from within your own community. Seed Saving is our roots and is fun and free and easy. Planting into rich soil is the next step and recycling waste to make compost is the one of the ways to do it. Reduce your ecological footprint and reconnect with local ecosystems through composting, organic gardening, and supporting the Earth’s natural lifecycle.

Saving your own seed is the Rasta way. It is about sourcing your own local seed from wherever you live and preserving it in the gardens of your friends and the community. Seed that has been growing and adapting to your area for perhaps generations.That way if you ever run out of seed you can be assured one of your friends, family or community gardens will have some. In the last one hundred years we have lost seventy five percent of our vegetable genetic diversity.

It is up to each and every one of us to safeguard our food and save seed to grow again. If you feel that you don’t know where to start then get a good book and start reading. Start small and have faith as a grain of mustard seed. Beans are an easy one to start with as they don’t cross pollinate and will come back true to type. Granted there is plenty to learn but just think of the money you will save. The earth and its magnificent plant and animal kingdom has provided us with all the abundance we need to thrive and be healthy. Starting your own little vegetable plot, vertical garden or window box will inspire you. Getting involved in your local community garden will give you lots of people to learn from and good healthy food for you, your family and your friends to share.

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