Rastaman Jamaica Blue Wool Tam

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Rastaman Jamaica Blue Wool Tam is a quality product and will serve you for many years if you take good care of it. Authentic and original pure wool tam skillfully hand crafted in Australia.

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Rastaman Jamaica Blue Wool Tam must be hand washed

Rasta wool tam in the colour of the Caribbean sea. Blue with the Jamaican flag coloured detail.  This hat is hand knitted in pure Australian wool with love and care. A quality product it will serve you well for many years if you wash it with care. One size fits all.  This is hat for someone with long dreadlocks and will protect you from the rain, keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.  Wool is a unique natural fibre that reacts adversely to shock if it is put into very hot or cold water.  This will ruin the hat.
Washing Instructions
Hand wash your rasta wool tam in  luke warm water with gentle wool soap. Rinse three times and spin gently. Lay down flat to dry. You can thread a piece of elastic through the rim of the hat to keep it from coming off if you have heavy hair.
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Rastaman Jamaica Blue Wool Tam one size fits most.

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