Rasta Black Beanie

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Rasta black beanie in black red gold and green colors. Handknitted in Australia from the finest merino wool. Authentic and original hat that will serve you for a long time if looked after and washed correctly.  Follow explicit washing instructions.

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Rasta black Beanie handmade from pure Australian merino wool

Rasta black beanie hand knitted with love and care. One size fits all but you can thread some elastic through the front to keep it on your head if you have longer hair.

Wool, one of the oldest textiles fibres known. Due to the fact it absorbs moisture vapour, wool clothing keep you comfortable in both hot and cold weather. Wool can absorb many times its own weight  in moisture before it becomes really damp. While wool can absorb moisture, it repels liquids. If you are caught in a shower of rain, it will take quite some time before the rain penetrates your wool clothing, and so wool keeps you dry. Wool is fire resistant, naturally elastic and wears longer. Each wool fibre is made up of millions of coiled springs that stretch and give rather than break, and so wool is extremely durable. It also resists static and insulates against noise, it also resists dirt. In conclusion wool is comfortable to wear because its elasticity means garments fit so well and yield to body movement. It absorbs moisture yet allows your body to breathe. No other fabric serves so well under such a variety of conditions, nor combines so many natural properties.

Washing instructions

It is extremely important to care for your rasta beanie properly. When it comes time to wash your hat make sure you wash it in luke warm water as cold or hot will shock the fibres and they will react adversely. Hand wash in luke warm water with a wool detergent like Softly or even hair shampoo.  Hand wash twice and then rinse twice. To remove all the water spin dry on woollen cycle in washing machine or roll in a towel and kneel on roll to remove water. Lay flat to dry in the shade. A piece of elastic can be threaded through the band as the hat wears and stretches to keep it firmly in place.

This Rasta black Beanie is a quality product

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