Rasta Hats

Rasta hats original and handmade from Australian merino pure new wool. Tams beanies and berets available in rasta colors. Beautiful styles and colours. Quality hand knitted hats for dreadlocks. Acrylic and cotton red gold and green artisan hats, stretchy beanies. Rasta fedoras and stylish woollen quality Kangol hats and rasta caps. Bob Marley bucket hats in red gold green and black. Rastaseed and rastagearshop have been constructing rasta hats since 2002. Rasta headwear is worn to tuck away the dreadlocks. People with dreadlocks and non-dreaded people alike wear Rsta crowns for fashion, convenience, socio-political statement, and a number of other reasons. Some Rastas also wear Rsta crowns and other forms of head dress as a spiritual head covering.

People of the Caribbean islands have separately claimed to have originated the Rasta crown style, claiming ancestral heritage or even personal invention, albeit without credible, documented proof, relying on unsubstantiated drawings or mythical reference.

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