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Jamaica travel is not for the faint hearted. If you are thinking of taking a vacation here then prepare yourself for the breathtaking exotic and mystical beauty of this Caribbean Island. Jamaica has a rich oral history and for all Jamaica’s beauty, there is also the opposite. Jamaican history shows that it was once the home of the Arawak Indians, then became the haunt of Pirates and now is reeling with the effects of globalization and exploitation. Political unrest and social problems have plagued the small island over recent decades.

Jamaica attracts tourists from all over the world. Holiday travelers from the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada are prolific due to their Commonwealth connections from the past.

Once you have finally landed on Jamaican soil, you are on Jamaican time. Whilst remaining alert, the pace is much slower and after a few days of good Jamaican food and medicine, you can start to relax into it. Jamaica culture is friendly and worldly, the people having been exposed to many different nationalities vacationing on the island over many years.

Weather and Hurricane Season

Jamaican weather is tropical with the temperature being 28 degrees Celsius in Summer. July and August are the hottest months. February is the coolest. Winter is about ten degrees colder and up in the Blue Mountains, you can get temperatures as low as 4 degrees Celsius. Rain falls in May and June and again in October and November. The southwestern coast of Jamaica receives little rain and the eastern windward coast receives a lot. Jamaica lies in a hurricane belt. They have a saying about hurricanes in Jamaica. They say June, too soon, July, standby, September, remember and October, all over. That just about sums the hurricane season up. Visit Jamaica anytime, you are always pretty guaranteed of a good time. Lying back in a hammock on the beach listening to Jamaican reggae music or Jamaican dancehall blaring from a homemade sound system.

Tourism is one of the primary sources of income for Jamaica and the Jamaican tourist has virtually taken over the island. Some of the special places to visit are Port Antonio Jamaica, for its quiet white sandy lagoons and laid back atmosphere. Portland tourism is definitely on Jamaican time. The soil is rich here. For a famous Jamaican experience go to Negril and visit Ricks Cafe. The Jamaican sunsets are legendary and provided there is no cloud this is a popular place to view the sunset over dinner or a cocktail. You can also dive off the cliff here, if you are game, into the crystal clear Caribbean water. Make sure it isn’t barracuda season though. A Negril vacation is action packed with every kind of water sport and Jamaican vendors selling their wares.

The island is one hundred and fifty miles long and fifty miles wide and armed with your Jamaican guide you can hire a car and drive the island. The north coast is particularly beautiful and is where Colombus first landed in Jamaica. Discovery Bay, Runaway Bay and Trelawny. If you are flying into the island you will either land at Montego Bay or Kingston Airports. Montego Bay is on the North Coast, Kingston on the South Coast. It is wise to check the travel reports before traveling to Kingston these days as there is still considerable trouble in the Jamaican capital.

It is very popular these days for couples to book an all-inclusive Jamaican vacation and have their wedding and honeymoon on the island. What could be more romantic than that? You can plan your vacations to coincide with one of their many reggae music festivals or just find a Jamaican beach and take in the sun. A hike into the hills to a beautiful waterfall or a trip into the limestone caves, there is always something special to do on the island of wood and water.

A Travel Guide to Jamaica

Jamaica is an island nation that lies in the sunny Caribbean Sea. It has become increasingly attractive for tourists in recent years, partly due to cheap flights to the region.

Sites and Sounds of Jamaica

The sights and sounds in Jamaica are like nowhere else on earth. The coastal areas are quite stunning and contain some excellent hiking trails, the highest peak being in the Blue Mountains. For a rather more sedentary experience, the Milk River Spa contains natural mineral waters which have a constant temperature of over 80 degrees.

There are many beaches from which to choose and the blue waters contain some of the world`s most amazing underwater wildlife. The white sand of Jamaica is unsurpassed and the waters around its coastline are crystal clear. Snorkellers will enjoy seeing sunken ships, incredible cave formations, and coral reefs. One of the most popular spots is Negril where guided snorkeling tours are on offer. Turtle Beach and Mallard Beach are two of the most popular beaches, with many of the beaches boasting tourist amenities, activities, and entertainment, together with food.


Jamaican shopping is a unique experience as the island`s vendors sell wares of every kind. There are local handmade crafts such as baskets, hats, purses and other brightly colored items together with designer perfume, all at amazingly cheap prices but you can still haggle if you want to as this is considered normal. If haggling is not your thing, then stick to Half Moon Shopping village, Holiday Village Shopping Centre or City Centre as prices are fixed but the choice is no less constrained.

Eating Out

Eating out in Jamaica can be fun as the local dishes are really rather special. Try Jamaican Jerk which is a spicy meat dish or curried coconut shrimp, a local delicacy. Many local restaurants are small and cozy with the exception of those in the main tourist areas which are larger and more cosmopolitan. If you want to rent a place and cook your own food the Self Catering Holidays lists self-catering cottages, holidays and villas from over four thousand destinations.

High and Low Season

Most people`s decisions regarding when to visit the island are based on time off from work or school breaks but it is worth knowing that the island does have a high and low season even though the temperatures are stable throughout the year. A holiday in Jamaica means that you can escape a cold north European climate between December and April.

It can be difficult to book a room in the high season as rooms can often be booked a year ahead at popular hotels.  Planning ahead is important when it comes to accommodation and car hire. It is advisable to see your travel agent or to book online in order to ensure peace of mind when you arrive in Jamaica.

Car Hire

Many of the world`s best-known car hire firms operate in Jamaica with names such as Avis and Thrifty. There are cars to suit all budgets and the cars will be to a high standard. If you do not want to hire a car for the duration of your holiday, you can hire one just for a day or even be chauffeur driven if you wish. There are plenty of options for you to see the sights including the excellent Jamaican Buses which operate all over the island.

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