Rasta Gear Shop Rastafarian Bob Marley Jamaica  Reggae music clothing merchandise and original handmade pure wool Tams.

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Product RASTA HATS - TAMS - Black White Tam

Black White Tam - AUD$80

Rasta Gear Shop Rasta hats. Original hand knitted Pure Australian wool black and white Rastafarian hat.  Jamaican Rasta Dreadlock Tam for Rasta Dreadlocks.  Cool rastaman hat. Reggae Hat. Jah Rastafari.
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Product Description and Specifications
Rasta Gear Shop rasta hat. Original Black and White Slipstitch hand knitted Australian pure wool Rasta Tam.
Product No 10031
Washing instructions
It is extremely important to care for your woollen garment properly. When it comes time to wash your hat make sure you wash it in luke warm water as cold or hot will shock the fibres and they will react adversely. Hand wash in luke warm water with a wool detergent like Softly or even hair shampoo.  Hand wash twice and then rinse twice. To remove all the water spin dry on woollen cycle in washing machine or roll in a towel and kneel on roll to remove water. Lay flat to dry in the shade. A piece of elastic can be threaded through the band as the hat wears and stretches to keep it firmly in place.
Manufacturer: Product NO 10031Brand: Rastagearshop