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The Natural Mystic – Bob Nesta Marley

Selection of Bob Marley movies from old classics to the latest releases. The Bob Marley Movie 2012. Catch a Fire and Bob Marley Legend.
The movie Marley is a movie biography of the man and his life. Beginning in Ghana, West Africa and ending with the world singing his music, it is a great movie about the mystic and his life.

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Reggae king legend Bob Marley and his Story has been captured on film from many different perspectives. Some of the Marley movies available are Bob Marley Live at the Rainbow Exodus, the Catch a Fire movie Rebel Music and Bob Marley Legend. Bob Marley is featured live. Interesting and rare information about his life, death, loves, dreams and above all, his music.

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Bob Marley Live at the Rainbow

Bob Marley Legend

Rebel Music

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