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Iron Lion of Zion – Bob Nesta Marley

Largest selection of recommended Bob Marley Clothing, T-Shirts, Jewelry, accessories shoes and music. Bob Marley Merchandise at low prices. Shop online at Rasta Bob Marley I is a legend, his name lives on to represent one love, freedom, standing up for your rights and equality among all people. Rasta Gear Shop honours this great man and is the place to find merchandise and clothing that carries his message.

Whether you are looking for a Bob Marley t-shirt, hoodie, a gift idea or a belt you will probably find what you are looking for here. His soul rebel and iron lion of zion courage lives on.

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Bob Nesta Marley legendary Jamaican Reggae Musician and Singer – Freedom fighter and Peace Maker

Robert Nesta Marley was born in Rhoden Hall North Jamaica on February 6th 1945. His mother Cedella was a Jamaican of African descent and his father was a fifty year old white quartermaster from the British West Indian regiment known as Captain Norval Marley. Bob lived with his mother in the rural surroundings of St Ann Parish and never knew his father.The suburbs of Trenchtown were his home from the late sixties and when he left school he only had one ambition and that was music.

His first record Judge Not was released in 1962 and in 1963 The Wailing Wailers were formed with his friends Bunny Wailer and Peter Tosh. Musical Producer Clement Dodd auditioned the group and with an instinct for talent agreed to record them. The Wailers released their first single Simmer Down under the Coxson label late in 1963 and it was an instant smash hit playing on all the street sound systems around Jamaica. By the following year it was number one in the Jamaican charts and remained there for two months. Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer Junior Braithwaite and Chery Smith were big news. Cedella Marley, Bobs mother, remarried and made the move to Delaware in the United States where after saving money sent Bob an air ticket

Before he left however he married Rita Anderson. He stayed in the States for eight months and returned to Jamaica to rejoin the band members.after a conflict with Coxson Dodd they formed their own record label called Wail’N’Soul however their business naivete led to it folding in 1967. The talent of the group could by now not be denied and they survived as songwriters, writing Stir it Up for Johnny Nash which the following decade was to become an international smash hit. Some of their finest work was with producer Lee Perry who transformed their music into an art form .

Lee Perry then went on to take the music they made to England without the Wailer’s knowledge and this lead to a falling out between them. Such tracks as Soul Rebel, Duppy Conquerer, 400 years and Small Axe went on to define the future of Reggae. Bob Marley teaches us all to Get Up and Stand Up for our rights to the Rasta Culture which is clean air, clean water and pure food. All are under threat and it has never been more important to rise up and let our voices be heard. Unite in the Rasta Colors and let your spirit rise like a true lion.

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