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Read a Bob Marley biography or just look at some amazing historical photography. Books of Marley lyrics or Bob Marley music tabs for the reggae guitarist. Bob Marley books are many and the story of rastafarian reggae musician Bob Marley has been told in many ways by many people. Here are just two points of reference.
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No Women No Cry written by Rita Marley. The Marley Legend, one of the greatest musicians of our time is humanised in this intimate and honest portrayal by his first wife of fifteen years Rita. Much has been written about him but here is an inside look at life living with a rastafarian superstar and the struggle both before and on their rise to fame. The dreams and fears they held and the final battle with cancer at the pinnacle of this career. Rita reveals a deeper side to Bob Marley and life in the spotlight as well as highlighting his extraordinary discipline and musical genius. It also portrays her rocky but intensely close and spiritual relationship with this great man.The book is written in a direct patois style.

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Marley and Me The Real Bob Marley story by Don Taylor Bob Marley war against the politics in Jamaica and the recording industry including cutthroat financial dealings, political machinations, and the Mafia connections as portrayed by his manager in the period from 1975 to 1981. Marley is portrayed as a multi millionaire and devoted father pursued by an entourage of women.Meanwhile only having a duffle bay of personal possessions.

The history of Bob Marley has been interpreted by many different writers. His life, his loves, his music and his family whom are now reggae legends themselves. Stephen Marley, Junior Gong, Damien Marley, Julian Marley, Rita Marley, Cedella Marley, Ziggy Marley, Kymani Marley and the list goes on. Bob Marley in life and in death was a natural mystic and his music is a link to the metaphysical. Read about this man and his extraordinary life.

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