Our Vision

To promote reggae music, one love, the rastaman vibration, joy, strength and unity through the teachings and livity of the Rastafari.

To educate the youth, inspiring and encouraging them to know themselves, love themselves and connect to the healing heartbeat rhythm and vibration of reggae music. Empowering them, through education, to support sustainable enterprise and utilise natural plant medicine. Create gentle communities that preserve the ecology with an emphasis on the preservation of old growth forests, our local open pollinated food plant seed strains, and the protection of our local water, air and soil quality.

Our Mission

To connect with the global Rastafari community
To provide quality handmade rasta hats, reggae tams, beanies and berets from Australian pure new wool.
To spread the Rastafari colours far and wide.
To provide a portal for reggae music and the heartbeat vibration.
To remember and promote the wise and profound works of the late Bob Marley.

To provide a portal to books on Rastafari, Jamaica, black history, reggae music, Bob Marley and his music, permaculture, organic gardening and seed saving in your food garden. Preventative and herbal ital medicine, ital food and ecological preservation, Aboriginal spirituality and sustainable enterprise.

Print on Demand Products

Huge selection of Rastafarian Jamaican and Reggae Merchandise available at these print on demand stores. Original designs by Rastagearshop. Homewares, stickers, clothing, shoes, bags, Great gift ideas that send a message of peace.

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